DIY Floral Design

Queen Anne’s Lace, Thistle, Stock, Alyssum, Campanula, Veronica, Hypericum, Pom-Poms, Statice, Eucalyptus & Fern
Repurposed 5”, 7” or 10” Kitchen Pasta Canister
Floral Materials

Purchased: Trades Joes
Click Basic Purchasing & Condition
I Seasonal Bouquet: Queen Anne’s Lace, Thistle, Stock, Alyssum, Hypericum
Campanula, Rose, Veronica, Statice, Alstromeria, Lisantus & Fern
1 Bunch 10 stems Purple Stock
1 Bunch 3 stems Eucalyptus
1 Bunch 5 stem Thistle
1 Bunch Pink & White Radish
Purchased: Home Depot
Potted Boston Fern Plant 12 stems


DIY Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Click Basic Repurposed Containers: Kitchen Pasta Canisters 5”, 7”, 10”
  • Click Basic Tools & Supplies: ARS floral chipper, floral blade, ½ floral tape,
  • Click Shop Floral Supplies:

Submerging Ferns:

  • No water in canister
  • Roll on fern stem around your hand and place at bottom of canister
  • Continue placing rolled ferns one on top of the other until canister is filled: note there should be space between fern stems to create a floating effect
  • Fill with cool water, wipe dry

Tapping Canisters

  • Click Basic Taping Technique
  • Two strips of ½” tape each way to form 4 strip box grid: as marked with black line for reference
  • Fill with cool water
Inserting Greens

Creating Shape & Line: English Garden in Floating Ferns

Tips & Tricks
Designers please note the fern is tall and light may shift during arranging – adjust as need to keep your original outline created with ferns


  • Click Basic conditioning, taping & care instructions
  • Fill taped container with cool water
  • First insertion one stem of fern directly in the center open square of grid
  • Second and Third insertion of one fern stem in the open square on grid to right & left side of center
  • Fourth & fifth insertion of one fern stem in the open square of grid directly in front & back of first center insertion
  • Continue to fill in with fern stems creating outline of shape
Inserting Hydrangea, Campanula, Thistle, Alyssum & Queen Ann’s Lace
  • First place one stem hydrangea center front slightly to the left – head resting on the lip of canister
  • Second and Third place a long stem of thistle following the shape & line to the right back & left back of fern
  • Fourth place stem of alyssum back right above the hydrangea
  • Fifth place long stem of Queen Ann Lace high at back just off the the right of hydrangea
  • Sixth place campanula in center of hydrangea with flower heads touching hydrangea gently
  • Place stems of thistle in any area that will complement the shape & line
Finishing: Alstromeria, Hypericum, Veronica, Pom-Poms, Statice, Stock, Eucalyptus & Fern
Repurposed 5“ Kitchen Pasta Canister

Tip & Trick
The most important tip to remember is “ so it is above…so it is below. Meaning the tallest piece of floral material must be balance on the opposite side in length. Look at how tall the Queen Ann Lace is floating on the top right and the sweeping ferns and eucalyptus on lower left-this is balance. No matter how high you place a flower, place the corresponding length of floral material on the bottom. Dutch Master paintings illustrate this technique to perfection.

  • First place several eucalyptus stems directly under left ferns- making sure the design is balanced with the tall queen anne’s lace
  • Second place one alstromeria stem with all leaves removed next to campanula in hydrangea
  • Third place one long stem stock at top right hand corner
  • Fourth place one stock stem bottom right corner
  • Fifth place one veronica stem left) center
  • Sixth ill in with stock on right side
  • Seven place hypericum next to hydrangea above eucalyptus and ferns -creating depth
  • Designer choice placement of pom-poms to fill-in design creating depth
  • Designers choice of placement of all remaining flowers & greens
  • Readjust flowers & greens to create depth & reestablish line & shape if necessary
  • Fill container with cool water & mist gently
    ~ Congrats! You have created flower magic – Enjoy the beauty ~

DIY Floral Design  

Summer Mixed Bouquet $ Fern 7” Canister

Tips & Tricks
The trick is to keep the heavy material in center and at back so as you filling-in with material so the arrangement remains stable and will not fall forward. Smaller arrangements can be made as the larger arrangement begins faded by removing the fresh looking materials and repurposing. Remember to wash stems with soap and recut for a clean restart. Note how the tall queen anne’s lace is balanced with rose, ferns & eucalyptus on bottom left

  • Click Basic conditioning, taping & care instructions
  • See instructions for 5” canister
    ~ Congrats! Your have created floral magic – Enjoy the beauty ~

DIY Floral Design – Single Stem Creamer

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